Feb 23, 2010

Where Are All The Pictures Of Naked People??

You may be wondering why I don’t have photos of naked people and/or families taken at the ranch. It is one of the rules; members cannot take pictures of other members without their permission. Cameras have to be registered with the office when members bring one in and sign a statement that they will follow the rules about taking photos. Break the rule and out you go.

Cell phones are not allowed in the pool areas, because some the cell phones can take photos. That makes for a quieter more enjoyable sun bathing, not have the rings tones and such.  Member’s privacy is a major concern for all the members and management.

Just so you won ‘t feel left out, here are some photos of naked folks:

These are from Wikipedia, (not what you would call a site noted for catering to people’s prurient interests).

Until next time, may your God keep you safe.........

Jan 29, 2010

Pot Lucking!?

On Thursday nights during the winter months when the restaurant is closed, a group of us permanent residences and members that are here so often that they might as be concidered permanent,  have a potluck in the rec-room. The table tennis table if folded up and moved between the pool tables; the card tables are use to set the food on; and large folding tables and chairs are setup for the gathering.

We never know who will show up or what will be on the menu. Sometimes only a few die hards; other times an over flowing crowd. Sometimes everyone brings desserts; few main courses and other time just the opposite. We are never sure of what we will get or who will show up. About the biggest mystery we have all week. A great time to get caught up on the latest gossip and rekindle our sense of belonging.. Kinda like a church without the sermon or the collection plate.

During the summer months, potlucks are held on weekends and can be sponsored by anyone for any reason. Ginny and I try to have two every year. One in the spring just before the main season starts (Memorial Day) and one after it is ends (Labor Day), but before Nudestock. Ginny likes to have an international theme in the spring (tacos) and desserts in the fall (Sugarfest)

The standard invitations is show up with a chair to sit on, something to share, any special drink you prefer and come as you are. Most times even these things are optional. There is usually food left over. Most times the host/hostess will provide the meat or if there is a theme, the main entrĂ©e; and paper plates, plastic utensils and napkins, but you learn to bring your own if you are a serious ‘potlucker’.

People tend to specialize in their ‘something to share’. One member does a fantasist corn pudding and another an oyster corn something or other. Not sure what you call it. Another couple always brings a walnut broccoli chopped salad in a wooden bowl. I’m not sure what the wooden bowls adds to the salad. Another lady brings brown, beanie looking stuff, I not sure what it is, but it tastes great. One of the really old timers always makes homemade ice cream. Great stuff, all of it! (OK; some people really should just bring potato chips)

Ginny and I are always set up during the summer for pot-lucking on a moments notice. We have a combination chairs and table canvas contraption with pockets for salt and pepper shakers and extra napkins. Our two muli-compartmented eating trays, flatware, mult compartmental picnic bag containing large plastic zip lock bags for bring back the dirty dishes, are always ready. Anyone calls and we will be there as soon and we put our potato salad together. Have fork, will travel kind of thing…

We are not alone. Send out the word and 50+ naked people will show up. Usually early to get first debs on the shade. Shade is a hot commodity during the summer. We may be nudist, but we can only take so much sun. Why else, would management have planted so many trees?? Keeps us from dying of sunstroke

All the food is set on tables with an arraignment of sorts. Hot stuff, salids and desserts (not necessarily in that order) and at the appointed time (or when someone yells ‘dig in!!’) the fest begins. Two things you have to keep in mind at a potluck: Grab it when you see it and don’t stab anyone in your haste. (Miss Manors has not attend one of our pot-lucks) There is a kind of procedure where everyone forms a line of sorts and takes their turn. Second chances are an iffy thing if you really like something. The main problem is that you don’t know the first time thru the line if you will like something. So many things to chose and to small of plate to fill (in Ginny’s and my case, that is tray).

After a respectable time has elapsed, everyone has gotten their fill and some small talk, the crowd waders off until next time. People always hang around to help cleanup and put the tables away. An hour after the event, no one would know anything had happened.

Until next time, may your God keep you safe.........


Jan 24, 2010

How Safe Are You?

One of the first questions a person asked themselves when they are first contemplating coming to a nudist resort is 'How Safe Is It'. After all there is no clothing to protect you from anyone wanting to jump your bones.  How safe are you getting into you car in a shopping center? Or after a movie at night? Or for that matter your best friends get-to-gether.. You are safer at a nudist resort; at least the people here have been screened and approved for participation. (Of course that is only true if you go to a regular resort, not someone’s backyard)

At LDS, a person has to be given a tour of the facilities before they can be admitted.  During the tour the guide is making observations of how the prospective member is acting and the questions they are asking. All to get a feeling for their attitude toward nudism and what they show most interest in. Do they want to spend an unusual amount of time at the kiddy pool, main pool, hot tubs, volley ball courts, tennis courts, exercise room, camping site, lake for fishing, etc. After the tour they are either invited to spend the day or asked not to return. Everyone is screened to see if they are a sex registrant and must provide a photo id.  Just because someone wants to come thru the gates, doesn't mean they will be allowed in.

We have gates to control access; all the resorts I know have them. It is one of the reasons Ginny and I live here. Security is very important to everyone here. We know when someone is out of place and watch out for each other. A stranger stands out and never knows who is watching them. Just like in the old days in most communities. We know our neighbors.

An inappropriate comment, gesture or touch will get a person a quick trip to the other side of the gate and no re-admittance. Excessive use of alcohol will get a stern warning and out the gate if it continues. Fighting or threats are not tolerated and earn a non-return trip to the other side of the gate.

Single women are safe from unwanted advances, but there is a lot of interaction with the single men and other single women. Always a lot going on for single people. It up to each person to participate or not. The single groups have other activities not related to being nude. Just like normal people. Group wine tours, pot-lucks, that sort of thing. (Meeting other single people here has its advantages.... you know what you are getting.)

Every member is informally part of the security force. If anything seems out of place, a report to the office will take care of it. There are security people mingling with the guest, but how do you tell when there isn't a uniform………… When in doubt, talk to the office…

This next part id sort of a two-edged sword. Good part is he was caught, bad part he was here in the first place.

Cary Stayner was peacefully in the hot tub chatting with one of our residence. She thought she knew him from someplace but could not remember where. Then it hit her, his photo was on the TV and was being searched for by the police. He was wanted for questioning in the death of a women at a motel near Yosemite national park in California. Our resident left the hot tub and went to the office to report him. A call was made to the sheriff and the FBI. In the mean time a call was made to our residents and the ranch’s staff to make sure he did not leave. Two members made a blockade of sort on the only road in and out by making it look like one truck was helping another by jumping the batteries. Other staff and residences took up posts to watch him and know where he was at all time. When the FBI and sheriff deputies arrived. Cary was quietly having breakfast in our restaurant. All exits were covered by several members or employees. He was taken away without incident (I can not say much, but the FBI and sheriff deputies were not the only ones armed if it got to that point). Cary was later convicted of 4 murders. Without the quick recognition and fast action of one of our residents, who knows how many more people could have been killed by Cary before his apprehension.. Unfortunately, the $50,000 reward that had been offered for his arrest and conviction was never paid to our member who made it all possible. (Too bad not everyone lives up to what they promise).

Luckily, that is the only case that we have had.

I think I'll leave the drive by shooting and domestic violence and such to the textiled world; and live naked and happy in a gated Eden. Worst crime here is speeding in a golf cart………...

Until next time, may your God keep you safe.........